Satoshi, the creator of Bitcoins… revealed?

I’ve long been a fan of cryptocurrencies, starting with a paltry $275 investment through Mt. Gox. By way of some simple “buy low, sell high” trading, I’ve been able to 5x that investment and get my first real experience trading online. Simply said, it’s addicting and easy. In one foolish trade, I could lose everything, but since leaving Mt. Gox and transferring my coins over to BTC-e, I’ve been able to play the other markets a bit.

The history of Bitcoins is difficult to uncover. As the story goes, a guy names Satoshi Nakamoto created the currency by building the code from the ground up. Then, he vanished without a trace, leaving the code open for others to copy and create currencies of their own (and there have been many currencies created!). In a recently published whitepaper by Skye Grey, the identity of Satoshi may have been revealed.

Rob Stenson is my favorite clawhammer banjo player

I was poking around on YouTube about a month ago and came across Rob’s video. I instantly fell in love with his half-fretless sliding clawhammer style; it just felt so right. Maybe you’ll dig it too?

African World Musician Mdou Moctar’s Tahoultine got me dancin’ in my seat!

I found this track through clawhammer banjo player Rob Stenson’s Twitter page. Can’t stop listening!

A Puppy Named Chowder

Karlee and I had a play date with a puppy she might be adopting. In an attempt to sell her girlfriend on the new dog, we took these:

Chowder-Puppy-Karlee-2 Chowder-Puppy-Karlee-5 Chowder-Puppy-Karlee-7 Chowder-Puppy-Karlee-9 Chowder-Puppy-Karlee-16

Pictures from Mardi Gras 2013, Fat Tuesday in the French Quarter

I biked down to the French Quarter yesterday to take part in the fun and costumes of Mardi Gras. Biking down Canal Street, I had to cross the Zulu parade as it was making it’s penultimate turn up into the Treme. At 7am, I had driven with Adelaide and Pepper to the beginning of the parade, and 6 hours later, it was still in route! After sneaking across the parade line, I locked by bike up on St. Phillip and walked into the madness. There’s an Earth Cam view of Bourbon Street that I jumped into, getting my team to check out the feed. Then, I just walked around the French Quarter, checking out the costumes, drinking a few tall boys, and grabbing a burger on Conti.

The photos below were taken on the Riverwalk, and in the Quarter during Mardi Gras day.

20130212-MardiGras-NewOrleans-650-5 20130212-MardiGras-NewOrleans-650-6 20130212-MardiGras-NewOrleans-650-7 20130212-MardiGras-NewOrleans-650 20130212-MardiGras-NewOrleans-650-2 20130212-MardiGras-NewOrleans-650-3 20130212-MardiGras-NewOrleans-650-4 20130212-MardiGras-NewOrleans-650-8