Meet Casey Slobber Stanton,
the Tenacious Cheesecake Chef...

If we were meeting face to face and you asked me where I was from, I’d point to my hand and show you.

Northern Michigan, the great Mitten state. The land of perogies and pączki and really nice people. Beautiful sunsets over the Manitou Islands, sand dunes, sweet cherries, pawpaw and birch trees. Some of the few remaining American chestnut trees, spring plots of morel mushrooms and jittery lines of quaking aspen. And terribly, terribly cold winters. I moved away in 2010 for warmer climates and ended up in New Orleans. I met a sage while traveling who told me New Orleans was the place for me. He was a traveling yoga DJ. He was enlightened.

I’m a mediocre musician, but that doesn’t keep me from playing. I still pick at the old Alvarez guitar I bought during finals week my first semester in college. I keep my mountain dulcimer near the couch and my banjo about as far away from people I love as possible.

When I was in eighth grade, instead of breaking up with the girl I was dating, I decided to pick up magic as a hobby. It kept me busy and sufficiently cool among my buddies who couldn’t get a girlfriend. Here’s a brief timeline:

Casey Stanton holding a Hasselblad

I think family is a non-negotiable.

Family always trumps work. Every year, Adelaide and I renew our commitment to spend at least 60 days with her parents and another 60 days with mine. We are always looking for ways to maximize our time with family while we’re working. That’s the reason we go to work every day: to make a better life for our family. To me, that means doing something meaningful, making a difference, and helping you to do the same. My favorite clients and my best friends all keep family as their priority.

When I’m not helping my clients with their projects, breaking through the 7-and-8 figure barrier, I am:

  • Taking my dog Harlan Peppercorn out on long walks, exploring the cities we’re in. Read more about where we are right now
  • Out on a tandem bike ride with the love of my life, Adelaide.
  • Loading up some Portra 400 in my Hasselblad 500C/M and shooting portraits
  • Mentoring past students in building their businesses into profitable, successful ventures
  • Hitting whatever gym we can find, even if it’s just a playground at a church

Regarding my business accomplishments, I’m proud of them, but I’m more proud of the people—and the messages—I’ve served. By helping one client launch her digital information product, grossing over $3M, she was able to create more entrepreneurs, helping families break out of the traditional work slog. This may be the most exciting outcome I’ve had, since she was able to transform the lives of thousands with her message and products.

I helped a business futurist hit and stay on the New York Times Best Seller list. He also asked for help in a crowdfunding effort to raise $1.5M for the first-ever crowd funded space telescope. He’s opening the space frontier and I’m thrilled to have been a part of that.

Another client is on a mission to change the way our leaders lead. He’s an ex-NFL player and his mission is something I really believe in. Over the past few years, I’ve been able to help him and his team automate the boring day-to-day, increase the number of people who hear his message, and help provide a rock-solid experience for those within his mastermind.

Clients from across the globe have welcomed me on their team, either as a trusted marketing advisor, or through the highly talented team at Tech Guys Who Get Marketing. Through Tech Guys, I continue to have the opportunity to help individuals identify exciting business goals and achieve them with a team of the best designers, programmers and project managers. They are a family and I love them all.

The Buddha defined Right Livelihood as a “wealth obtained through rightful means”. Bhikku Basnagoda Rahula asks us how we can use our work to grow our kindness and awareness, making our work more meaningful. I’d love to explore those ideas with you, to help you find where your passion and purpose collide with your unique talents and experience.

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