I’ve known Pam Hendrickson since 2011 and she is, without question, the greatest product developer alive. She has an uncanny ability to work with experts whom have years of experience and extract the biggest lessons they’ve learned. Then, she helps them massage those lessons and tips into products that can then be sold digitally. Pam has been doing this for decades and has produced products for Tony Robbins, Jordan “The Wolf of Wall Street” Belfort, and many more leaders. As a content architect, Pam is my favorite resource for learning about how to take something in my head and create a product from it. Her MML product is hands-down the best “how to make and market a product” program in the industry.

Pam and her business partner Mike Koenigs launched “Make Market Launch IT Academy” a month ago, and with it, they included and interview with me. In the 25-minute interview, I share my experience on the tech side of Pam and Mike’s product launches and how you, as an expert, can use technology to help amplify your message. It’s too easy to get frustrated and lost in the complexities of today’s digital marketing technology landscape, and I hope I’m able to provide some clarity on that in the video below.

Here’s the video of Pam talking about how to market a product using marketing technology


Pam has been a client of Tech Guys Who Get Marketing for years and she is absolutely one of my favorites! Here is the original post from Pam, and a link to what she’s said about working with the Tech Guys team.

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