"Discover How to

Break Through the
7-and-8 Figure Ceiling

without Getting Overloaded by Tactics..."

(Using the Same Techniques I Quietly Implement for My $42k-$120k/year Private Clients...)

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Meet Casey

Functional Marketer™, Direct Response Strategist

Marketing Consultant, Speaker, and Former Professor at Tulane University, Casey Slaughter Stanton started his career in marketing after graduating from Michigan State University. Stanton, graduating into the record unemployment of the Housing Crisis and Depression, was unable to find the full-time employment promised by his alma mater. He quickly started selling products door-to-door to make a living. After wanting to have more success without more door knocking, Stanton turned to the field of marketing to learn how to multiply his efforts.

Since 2008, Casey has been a trusted marketing advisor inside some of the most successful 7-8 figure product launches and internet businesses. Through his Functional Marketing™ process, he can help his clients break free from short-sighted tactics and assist them to build businesses that are more profitable than ever, despite more competition than ever.

Ways I can help...

Outsourced Chief Marketing Officer Consulting

For all Outsourced Chief Marketing Officer and Marketing Consultant needs, please refer to this page. Due to the heavy workload of a CMO or Consulting Client, I have a strict limit of 3 active clients. If you're qualified, please fill out the form on this page to book a time to connect.

Speaking on Marketing & Millennials

Event Planners, Podcast hosts, Mastermind scouts and all others who are looking to discuss a potential speaking opportunity, please refer to this page to learn more about my signature talks, booking availability, and the best way to get ahold of me.