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Marketing Coach, Speaker, and Former Professor at Tulane University and Founder of CMOx, Casey Slaughter Stanton started his career in marketing after graduating from Michigan State University. Stanton, graduating into the record unemployment of the Housing Crisis and Economic Recession, was unable to find the full-time employment promised by his alma mater. He quickly started selling products door-to-door to make a living. After wanting to have more success without more door knocking, Stanton turned to the field of marketing to learn how to multiply his efforts.

Since 2008, Casey has been a trusted marketing advisor inside some of the most successful 7-8 figure product launches and hundreds of both digital and brick-and-mortar businesses. Through his agency CMOx, he has created the Functional Marketing® process to help businesses break free from short-sighted tactics and assist them to build businesses that are more profitable than ever, despite more competition than ever.

Ways I can help...

Part-Time CMO

For all part-time Chief Marketing Officer and Marketing Coaching needs, please refer to the CMOx site. There, you'll find information about how you can bring in a chief marketing officer to translate your CEO's vision into marketing campaigns that deliver results.

Speaking on Business Growth

Event Planners, Podcast hosts, Mastermind scouts and all others who are looking to discuss a potential speaking opportunity, please refer to this page to learn more about my signature talks, booking availability, and the best way to get a hold of me.


Dan Kuschell

CEO, Genius Network

Casey really has a marketing mindset. One of the things that really impressed me about Casey is... his understanding of marketing. Marketing is a Message to Market Match... It's also segmenting. Getting the right message to the right people. He's someone who just gets it... They've been huge multipliers for us." [Video]"

Aaron Hinde

LifeAID Beverage Company Co-Founder

"Casey and the [CMOx Team] were a god send to LifeAID. With their guidance, we were truly able to get our house in order and bring our marketing into the 21st century. Our campaigns and funnels are now trackable at every step and producing predictable ROIs. Casey is a brilliant strategist and is always on top of the latest and greatest strategies to bring your business to the next level."

Brian Kurtz

Former Executive VP, Boardroom Inc.

"Casey sets himself apart from the pack... With his broad knowledge of marketing strategy, and the way he studies the greats of copy and creative​ plus his ability to connect the dots with any marketing problem, I often think that I wish I was as smart as he is when I was his age...he's a positive force in any marketing project. When I formed my second mastermind group, the "Titans Master Class," I asked Casey to join as "faculty" and he delivered actionable advice and strategy for a wide range of entrepreneurs and marketers at an incredibly deep level. While I hope Casey continues to use me as a sounding board so I can help him with all of his future projects, I am also grateful that Casey is someone I can use for ideas and counsel for my own business as well."

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