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When Casey Slaughter Stanton is not lecturing to students at Tulane University as a Professor of Practice in the A. B. Freeman School of Business, he is working with multi-million dollar businesses, helping them to grow year over year. With over a decade of experience in the digital and offline marketing world, Stanton has been on the bleeding edge of what’s working across dozens of business verticals. A native Michigander relocated to New Orleans in 2010, Casey works across the world helping businesses emotionally connect with their ideal customers, increase transaction size and frequency, and create massive growth in businesses.

Casey’s satisfied clients include:

Along with the highly talented team of direct response marketers, top notch programmers and world class direct response designers, Casey has achieved an impressive short-list of outcomes:

  • Structure and manage two digital product launches grossing over $4.5 million in less than 60 days
  • Assist in marketing strategy, pledge levels, and outreach in a crowdfunding campaign that raised $1.5 million over 35 days
  • Increased revenue 200% in a physical goods business already doing over $1 million a year
  • Overhauled a universities marketing strategy and user experience to increase application and registration throughput by 63%

Through his time as a friend and trusted advisor to some of the biggest names in digital business, Stanton has had a unique perspective of seeing exactly how dozens of highly successful companies are being run. His wealth of knowledge and understanding of how skillful marketing can radically improve a business’s health overnight has allowed him to have constant success in helping a wide discipline of businesses.

Casey has a true passion for teaching and helping others achieve the levels of success they’re after. His passionate speeches center around true stories, emerging technologies and lessons that can be applied to any business, regardless of their position.

Casey can engage, educate and entertain your audience with the following speeches:

  • Empathy in Marketing: How to create an emotional connection with your ideal prospects so strong even your most savvy competition can’t steal them from you!
  • Leveraging Big Data to increase your conversion rates and dramatically reduce your cost per acquisition
  • Customer Lifecycle Planning to build clients for life and have them refer their friends to you
  • Signal to Noise: Getting the best results for your business advertising online and offline without falling into the traps most business owners experience
  • Emerging Trends in Social Marketing: What the future holds for marketers and how to lead your industry with these exciting new technologies
  • Education Based Lead Generation: How to flip the laws of reciprocity in your favor so your ideal prospects buy from you and not your competition
  • Marketing to the “We” Generation: Lessons you can apply to pivot your business to talk to today’s emerging young people

Press Kit:

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