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Praise for Casey

I've been so honored to work with hundreds of entrepreneurs and companies since hanging my shingle as a marketing strategist in 2008. Many of the names below have come from my work as the Founder of CMOx, a part-time chief marketing officer agency, or as an adjunt Professor of Marketing at Tulane University's AB Freeman School of Business in New Orleans. Below, you'll find both outcome and character testimonials. As bound by NDA, I am unable to showcase all the testimonials I've received.

Coach Tim Adams

Author, Speaker, Performance Maverick

"For the last 25 years, I've been a behind the scenes secret weapon to some of the best performers in the world. For the last 5 years, I've been trying to leverage this experience. I've been nothing but frustrated in the past...all [the people I hired] have fell short; they've done nothing to get my message out as clearly as Casey has done for me...the frustration was immediately lifted for me." — Play Video »

Adee Cazayoux

Founder of Working Against Gravity

"[Casey and Bill] have a ton of experience; they've been there before. They're great for anyone not great at online marketing, how to create a sales funnel, how to track that funnel, how to make sure you're getting the right customers and engaging them in the right way. ." — Play Video »

Dan Kuschell

CEO, Genius Network

"Casey really has a marketing mindset. One of the things that really impressed me about Casey is... his understanding of marketing. Marketing is a Message to Market Match... It's also segmenting. Getting the right message to the right people. He's someone who just gets it... They've been huge multipliers for us." [Video]

Brian Kurtz

Former Executive VP, Boardroom Inc.

"Casey sets himself apart from the pack... With his broad knowledge of marketing strategy, and the way he studies the greats of copy and creative​ plus his ability to connect the dots with any marketing problem, I often think that I wish I was as smart as he is when I was his age...he's a positive force in any marketing project...I am grateful that Casey is someone I can use for ideas and counsel for my own business."

Aaron Hinde

LifeAID Beverage Company Co-Founder

"Casey and the [CMOx team] were a god send to LifeAID. With their guidance, we were truly able to get our house in order and bring our marketing into the 21st century. Our campaigns and funnels are now trackable at every step and producing predictable ROIs. Casey is a brilliant strategist and is always on top of the latest and greatest strategies to bring your business to the next level."

Gary Nealon

President at The Rox Group

"As our Account Manager Casey has helped kick start our Social Media marketing campaign, which in the course of 3 years has increased our sales by 20-30% per year each year. Sales funnel optimization and split testing have been two of his strong points."

Katie Landa

Recess Endurance Training Owner, Scottsdale, AZ

"My biggest challenge has been feeling the need to do everything on my own... it hasn't been working well for me. [Casey] has helped me define what's important, what needs to get done... and not let the business be 100% reliant on me. They've helped me on defining the sales process... processing the top 3 things to do every 2 weeks. " [Video]

Scott Rodgers

Rodgers Real Estate Group, Peoria, IL

"I had the privilege of working with Casey for a 12-week one-on-one consulting engagement. I hired him as a marketing consultant to guide me in the process of getting a new website set up and running. The website is now complete and recently went live. Casey is a wealth of knowledge and is very well rounded. I would recommend his services to anyone that needs help with their online marketing."

Megan O'Leary

Experienced Copywriter, Content Developer and Marketing Strategist

"Casey is, simply put, the best. It's tough to find technically-minded people who get both marketing and the importance of the user experience. Casey is a master of all three. He knows his stuff, he understands how to coordinate technical activities to meet specific marketing and user-friendly outcomes and he manages all these priorities - and the teams who support them - effortlessly. He is also one of the funniest people I know. I always look forward to working with Casey because I know he'll get the job done - and we'll both spend a lot of time laughing. I recommend him highly."

Sheena McTernan-Ramos

Former Marketing Director of Elevation180

"I had the great opportunity to work with Casey while at Elevation180. He was extremely helpful and knowledgeable regarding online marketing and the processes that can be implemented to increase his client’s success. Casey and his team were very responsive (and patient). He can clearly work with a wide range of clients who vary in technological experience and marketing knowledge. What I appreciated most was Casey’s ability to fully explain the answers to any questions that I had to ensure I felt confident in our marketing implementation decisions."

Nolan Ferraro

Owner and Operator of Salire Fitness and Wellness, New Orleans, LA

"Casey Stanton has been a wonderful resource for both Salire Fitness and myself. I approached Casey for assistance with specific issues surrounding my fitness and wellness company’s online presence especially as it related to our online marketing, SEO and social media. What I discovered was a person who really understands both online and offline marketing, SEO, and the many nuances that go into offering a complete holistic marketing solution. His suggestions were well thought out, well articulated and well intentioned. He brought me ideas and solutions to help get my businesses from where it was to the place where it could be most profitable. I met with Casey a few times and each time I was further impressed with his knowledge of marketing, his thought provoking way of exploring a client’s greatest concerns and his solutions to each concern that I voiced. Even better though, Casey is also a generous person and has truly supplied me with knowledge and solutions well beyond what he asked for in compensation. When I approached Casey I had some great concerns and he was a true professional in that while pointing out my marketing shortcomings he did it without ever making me or my team feel inadequate in any of the efforts we had been attempting. I would say that if you are truly looking for solutions and success versus stagnation and status quo as well as an increase in revenues and versus ridiculous rhetoric, than Casey is a resource and partner that you absolutely need to align yourself and your business with."

Mary Silva

Senior Internet Marketing Associate at Search Influence

"Professor Stanton has been one of the first professors at Tulane to teach me skills that are directly responsible for my marketability post-college. His Social and Online Marketing class teaches truly invaluable skills through hands on implementation. He’s great at bringing his tacit knowledge and experience to the table for his students to learn and grow from. Professor Stanton is also willing to give one on one help to students in order to help them improve their online marketing skills and their personal branding. While his class is great for students like me who are specifically interested in growing in the online marketing industry, it is also extremely useful for all students because the skills he teaches are desirable in any job candidate in any industry. With a proclivity towards photography and creative ventures, he’s a truly well-rounded, intelligent individual."

Andy LaPointe

Traverse Bay Farms

"Casey brings a wealth of knowledge to search engine marketing and web optimization. When we first starting working together, Casey jumped in and analyzed my Google AdWords account. He has helped us to land on the first page of Google and other search engines and reduced our AdWords budget, while increasing sales. I highly recommend Casey Stanton."

Aydika Jack James

CEO of

"It’s almost impossible not to enjoy working with Casey. He has a knack for creating personal relationships with prospects and partners—both on and offline. He brings a fantastic combination of tech knowledge, marketing skill, creative innovation, and writing skills, making him a valuable asset."

Robb Hoffheins

Senior Project Manager at Global Thinking.

"Casey is an amazing salesperson with a natural ability to understand and articulate marketing concepts, but most importantly the value of them to prospects. Anyone can learn to be good at either of those skills, but having an innate, natural ability to do both, is rare and highly valuable."

Sarcia Cernohous

Author of "The Funky Kitchen"

"My session with Casey was incredibly valuable—he took the time to really understand my frustrations, loves, concerns and aspirations for my professional life—and how this melds with my personal life. It was time for ME—and the suggestions he offered helped me to see aspects of my business that no one had ever brought to the table. He wasn’t trying to sell me a product, and he offered suggestions that were novel—only because they were responses that were germane to my situation, not a cookie-cutter mould that fit me into another offer. SO refreshing! It was good to be heard—and to be given direction that was a personal response to the who-and-why of me, professionally and personally."

Cory Weber

Professional Wedding Photographer

"I own a professional wedding photography company in northern Michigan. I contacted Casey Stanton after I exhausted myself trying to build backlinks in order to rank in the top position on Google. After hours of work, I got nowhere. I called CAsey and he helped me sort through the smoke of ranking on Google. After a few hours of phone consultation, Casey laid out a plan of action on how I was going to rebuild my website and rank on Google. I’m a “do it yourself” kind of guy and hiring Casey to help me was one of the best decisions when it came to growing my business. If you’re curious about hiring Casey Stanton for your websites optimization, to get more traffic or to make more sales with your traffic, definitely don’t hesitate to book him because he’s the real deal."

Owen Knight

Admissions Specialist

"Casey Stanton is a great professor who is able to effectively translate his real-world experience into lessons for his students. He presents the information in a very clear manner, and is very good at taking current events or student suggestions and molding his lecture around them. He has a great command over the classroom, yet is approachable enough to keep the mood of the class very friendly. I never imagined that my one 8 AM class of my senior year would be enjoyable, but Casey has found a way to make it so."

Phil Villaronga

Marketer Extraordinaire

"Casey brings a stylish sense of creative panache to any project he’s tasked with, and the one overall vibe you get from him is that he is deeply passionate and completely committed to anything he’s involved in – which makes him the perfect Account Executive. When you’re speaking with him, you know you’re being listened to, and the ideas he comes up with are brilliant and most importantly, actionable. He’s grounded in solid Account Executive, Marketing an Data Analysis experience, and a great guy to wok with."

Shawn Thornton

Project Manager in Atlanta, GA

"Casey is very detailed orientated and provides excellent service to both our clients and myself as a project manager. Casey strives to bring in the right type of clients and provides in-depth analysis of what I am expected to deliver to the client. Without his documentation and attention to the project, I would find myself struggling to deliver effectively."

Sarah Roman

Business School Student

"Professor Stanton is the best professor I have had during my time at Tulane University. Not only is his class creative and engaging, it actually teaches you real-world skills in Social and Online Marketing. Professor Stanton told us from day one that his goal was to give us the skills to find a job or internship in the tough job market we face today. During the class, he gave us the relevant skill set to be able to approach companies and market ourselves and our talents to get positions. While in this class I got a job at Be Well Nutrition, Inc and I largely attribute that to Professor Stanton."

Savanna VanAusdale

Operations Intern at Joule Solar Energy

"Professor Stanton is the most engaging and entertaining professor I have had at Tulane. He never failed to bring comedy to his lectures, while also conveying useful marketing information to the entire class. Professor Stanton taught based off of what was happening in the marketing world that day, not from a book. His class required us to learn and create marketing campaigns. I am excited to have gained a passionate and knowledgable connection for the future."

Jessica Adamson

A.B. Freeman Business School Student

"Professor Stanton represents everything a modern marketing professor should be. Marketing is a dynamic field of study that deserves to be studied in a dynamic way. Professor Stanton uses current and relatable examples to teach timeless and important concepts. As a member of Professor Stanton's class I learned more about the current marketing landscape than I did in any of my required Marketing courses. I value Professor Stanton's approachable attitude and am thankful for the help he provides outside of his classroom. Professor Stanton is a remarkable teacher in every sense of the word, and I was honoured to have the privilege of attending his class each week. Thank you for all your help, Professor Stanton!"

Brenna Cunningham

Brand Ambassador at Uber

"During my time at Tulane, I never felt satisfied with my marketing courses until I took Casey Stanton's class. While most classes teach us conceptual material, Casey's class delved into the application of the marketing concepts we were taught. Casey's wit, lecturing skills, and overall knowledge of marketing makes his class very engaging and thought-provoking. Students showed up to his class with an eager to learn and participate in class activities. I do not recall a time in his class where I was bored or felt like useless material was being taught to me - he knows what it takes to captivate a room full of twenty year olds, which says a lot about his teaching method and overall character. I am really glad and lucky to have taken his class this past semester. In all of my marketing classes I learned the most with Casey and wish that he taught more marketing courses. Tulane's Freeman School of Business needs more professors like Casey Slaughter Stanton."

Harry Cammer

Business School Student

"Casey is able to boil cluttered thoughts down to the most important points, providing clarity and direction. His answers and insights continue to spur me forward to think bigger and bolder. Furthermore, Casey is always more than willing to help whether it be recommending a book or sharing his deep knowledge of marketing and Google Analytics."

Ryan Withrow

Sales and Marketing Professional

"Casey is an incredible marketer. He focuses on three things: results, details, and making work enjoyable. Every day I work with Casey, I know the day will be extremely successful and that I will enjoy every second He always goes above and beyond for his goals, expectations, and assistance."

Laura Gouin

Project Manager & Freelance Writer

"Casey has the ability to connect with clients. Casey is the guy you want on your team, especially client facing. You trust him, and more than that, you want to work with him because he makes it fun. His belief in those around him and sincere encouragement of his teammates made him a favorite to partner with."

Thomas Culp

Owner at "Of Awesome"

"Casey is easily one of the most insightful and intuitive people that I’ve worked with. He is always the first person to ask the question, “how can we do this better?” Casey’s best asset is his ability to see through complex situations and find the right path intuitively."

Warren Bondi

Business School Student

"Casey has become a true mentor to me through all of my learning experience. He has guided me in the right path towards making my career a successful one and has so far succeeded . Casey has been an amazing teacher and mentor. He is one of the people who has pushed me to be the best that I can be."

Drew Juillet

Marketing Student at Tulane University

"Professor Stanton is the best teacher I’ve had at Tulane! He has been invaluable to my marketing education. He taught me not only the usefulness of social and online marketing but also how to implement, track, and analyze data. These real world skills laid the foundation for my marketing career."

Rachel Nussbaum

Marketing Student at Tulane University

"I had the pleasure of being one of Casey’s first students. Casey is very knowledgeable in web-based media, website development and digital marketing. I consider myself lucky to have been taught by someone who not only knows as much as Casey does about the web and how to use it in the most profitable way, but also can make the topic easy to learn and understand."

Silvia Barrera

Channel Programs Coordinator at Google

"Casey is one of the most accessible and fun professors I ever had. He is always there to help you and advise you on everything. As an international student he helped me trying to connect and understand how to apply the concepts and strategies that I learnt in class to my country. His class made my exchange totally worth it. He introduced me to Google Analytics and Facebook Ads because it was something I haven’t experienced yet."

TJ Bittner

Director of Business Development

"Casey is a marketing guru who has infinite knowledge of online marketing implementation and analysis. If there’s ever a question you need answered, online or off, he will provide you with the most accurate up-to-date info as possible. I look forward to working with Casey and everyone else at Tech Guys in the near future!"

Alex Greenberg

Marketing & Management Student at Tulane University

"I took Casey’s Social Media Marketing Lab in the Fall of 2013. I had already completed my marketing requirements but because I had met Casey, before the class, I knew his class would be an opportunity not to be missed. I was absolutely correct. His class was one of the very few where I not only had a fun time in class, but I also received the tools to work creatively and efficiently in the digital marketing space. Casey’s skills and lessons should not be overlooked at Tulane, as what he has to offer is one of the most valuable things for any student to learn who is currently seeking a marketing degree."

Jessica Smith

Accounting Manager, Golden 1 Credit Union

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Casey. He is very intelligent, witty, and keeps the work environment interesting. Over the past semester, Casey brought new insight and ideas to our marketing strategies at Michigan State, which directly contributed to the immense success we saw there."

Noah I. Davis

Investment Sales Associate

"First off, anyone who decides not to take on such an enriching and fulfilling course such as Casey’s Social and Online MKTG Lab is crazy. He is one of the best teachers Tulane has to offer! He is young, engaging, and understands what it’s like to be a student at this day and age. Most professors are very old, boring, or foreign, which makes it nearly impossible to have a true desire to show up, let alone pay attention or decipher what they are saying or trying to write on the board. Some teachers spend half the class trying to figure out the smart board. Casey knows more about IT then the tech guys at Tulane, and is able to adapt to any classroom issues.

Casey’s dynamic class is unique and hands on. You spend the first half working on learning all the tools you need to build your own website and actually drive traffic to that site and learn all there is to the social and online world of marketing. He is always open to discuss current events and teach you (the student) what you want to learn. He does have a syllabus and a very structured class schedule to adhere to, however, he always is up to date on new information or helpful cases to better describe and prove the tools we are being taught can and will be applied to the real world.

Overall, Casey is just a phenomenal teacher. If you are ever lucky enough to make it through his long wait-list on Gibson when most seniors taking Social and Online Marketing get first priority then you must make the most of this opportunity. What truly sets apart a teacher and class such as this is the hands on and real world application and value that you receive. I could go on for days about Casey and the certification I earned through the Marketing Trade School, but to close it off, Casey is just a tremendous person, resource, and adviser that you don’t find very often in a teacher."

Austa Jensen

Inside Sales Coordinator at Pet Head

"Professor Stanton is one of the best teachers I’ve had during my college career at Tulane University. Not only is he extremely helpful and knowledgeable about marketing, but he teaches useful topics to help his students prepare for future jobs. Professor Stanton also makes an effort to have interesting and relevant lectures in his Online Marketing classes. He genuinely cares about all of his Tulane students and goes above expectations to help meet their wants and needs. I am truly grateful to have had such a caring and insightful teacher."

Sarah LaCroix

Account Coordinator at Rauxa

"I had the great pleasure of being a student in Casey’s Social and Online Marketing Lab class in Spring 2014 at Tulane University. In my time as an undergrad it was quickly clear that most of what I need to learn to be professionally successful in the marketing industry will not be discovered until after I enter the working world. His class was the rare exception to this rule. We learned skills he has amassed directly through his own work, which meant that we were learning his own secrets for success at Tech Guys. Therefore, it quickly became my favorite class at Tulane and not just because of his engaging, lively style of teaching, but also because of the obvious real world application of the content of our classes. I know I will keep my class notes for when I finally (fingers crossed) become employed along with the companion text currently being finalized. I have encouraged all of my fellow marketing majors to take his class and I am thankful for what I have learned from his class thus far."

Alexandra Noymer

Sales and Marketing Intern, New York Times

"Casey Stanton is one of the most insightful and knowledgable professors I have had at Tulane University. His social and online marketing class is the most practical class I have taken at the university. He has taught me the importance of understanding online marketing, email marketing, and SEO, and makes class fun and interesting. Casey is always willing to help his students and takes the extra time to ensure their questions have been answered."

Jacqueline E. Carter

Account Associate at Search Influence

"Professor Stanton is one of the best professors I have had in my four years a Tulane. He makes class fun and interesting while also teaching me valuable skills that I will need working in the marketing industry. Instead of just lecturing about marketing buzzwords, Professor Stanton shows us how to implement these buzzwords. For instance, he has shown us how to use Google Analytics and how to create a Facebook ad. He never loses my attention because he delivers information in an exciting and engaging way. This class has taught me valuable information I need for advancing in my marketing career."

Caryn Wong

Marketing and Sales Intern, The Aspire Group Inc.

"Professor Stanton is one of my favorite professors at Tulane. Instead of using normal, standard powerpoints for lecture, he engages the whole class in showing us first hand how to create an online marketing plan from start to finish. He goes above and beyond for his students–specifically, he mentored me at the 10th Anniversary of the Underground Online Seminar. This class has given me so many online marketing skills that I can apply in professional situations. Professor Stanton wants all of his students to succeed and it really shows in his enthusiasm to teach and his passion to influence. Even after this semester ends, I hope to keep in contact with Professor Stanton for his professional opinion and personal advice."

Jason Laffer

Boston Business Development Strategist

"I am fortunate enough to have taken Professor Stanton’s class and would be profoundly saddened if I missed out on it while at Tulane. In an intimate classroom environment, Casey connected with each student on a personal level while delivering practical and relevant real-world knowledge that has proven to be bar none. Casey’s class is refreshingly engaging and always is something to look forward to week in and week out. His genuine desire to better his students and prepare them for a successful future transcends practically all professors I’ve encountered to date. I look forward to applying the useful knowledge I’ve gained from Casey and am lucky to have taken his course with such a passionate teacher."

Demi Treisman

Marketing and Management Student

"Professor Stanton is an incredible teacher and mentor. He does a phenomenal job at teaching his students real-world marketing skills that they can use in the workplace. In addition, he taps into current events in the tech world that help his students really understand the power of technology today and the potential they have to harness it. Professor Stanton was the kind of teacher I needed as a business student. He truly cares about his students and is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and experiences that will help them progress their careers. I would recommend him to any Tulane University student and anyone seeking a marketing consultant for their business."

Caroline Jacka

Marketing and Psychology Graduate

"Professor Casey Slaughter has been one of the most influential professors I've had at Tulane University. Through his social and online marketing course, he has provided me with the skills needed to launch successful advertising campaigns. His class is one of the few courses I've taken that I believe will directly increase my success in the world of marketing. His step-by-step method of teaching is phenomenal, for now I have the knowledge to actually implement marketing strategies in my business career."

Hannah Chanin

Marketing BSM Candidate at Tulane University - A.B. Freeman School of Business

"Professor Stanton is exactly the type of educator I hoped to have the privilege to learn from when I first entered Tulane's A.B. Freeman School of Business four years ago. Prof. Stanton is engaging, thorough, and thoughtful. He teaches business students what we really want to learn - how to use our skills and education to make money! Prof. Stanton went above and beyond for students offering career advice, off-campus help, and tutorial sessions. I HIGHLY recommend that all of my peers go out of their way to participate in Prof. Stanton's class."

Jessica Stricklin

Marketing major at Tulane University - A.B. Freeman School of Business

"Professor Stanton's class has been one of the best of my college career. The class far exceeds your normal textbook lecture class. Professor Stanton was engaging and taught the material in a way that allowed us to gain greater understanding and hands on experience. Rarely do you find a professor who cares as much about each student and their futures as much as Professor Stanton does."

Ashley Mango

President at Tulane University Pre-Law Society

"Professor Stanton's Social and Online Marketing class is a must-take for all Tulane business students. As a non-marketing major, Professor Stanton made it both enjoyable and useful to learn about the basics of Google Analytics, SEO Optimization, and email marketing, among various other topics. Moreover, he showed how these tools are useful to students of all majors—marketing not only applies to those planning to be marketing professionals where they’ll likely need to market a product, but also applies to non-marketing professionals who will likely need to market themselves. In this way, for me, as a non-marketing major, Professor Stanton opened my eyes to approaching marketing in a new way. Furthermore, he truly cares about his students and goes the extra mile to help them outside of class. Whether it was in regard to our resumes, cover letters, or marketing certifications, Professor Stanton somehow fit us into his busy schedule, despite frequent business travel. Finally, as a go-getter, Professor Stanton inspired all of us; he is living proof that with hard work and perseverance, you can achieve success by doing what you love."

Alec Schwartzman

Arts and Entertainment Content Editor at Tulane Hullabaloo

"Casey is the man when it comes to all online marketing! I took his class at Tulane and can honestly say I have never learned more. Thanks for all the words of wisdom, ProStan."

Kelsey O'Brian

Assurance Intern at PricewaterhouseCoopers

"Fall of 2014, I took a Social and Online Marketing class with Professor Stanton. In this class we developed a company and learned how to promote and market our new company. The class was very interactive and enjoyable. While most Marketing classes consist of an hour long lecture, Professor Stanton involved everyone in a discussion which made the class not only informative but also entertaining. I honestly can say I learned more in this class than most of my other marking classes because of the group work and interactive conversations. I am now taking the knowledge I have learned in Casey's class to help out a family friend with her struggling personal training business. I intend to improve her website and Facebook page, as well as advertise on google and Facebook. Not only is Casey a great teacher (and photographer!), but he is also an awesome person who truly loves social media marketing!"

Kevin Kramer

VP of University Relations

"Smart, Creative and Cutting Edge all describe Casey. He understands keys to success now and leads marketing trends of the future. Thank you Casey for sharing your expertise in what is The Most Valuable Class at Tulane for Marketing Majors, Entrepreneurs and Students seeking to bring their ideas to life online."

Sam Weisser

Student Ambassador at Google

"Professor Casey Stanton taught what was easily one of the most enjoyable and applicable classes I've had in my four years here at Tulane University. His class provided me with skills that I could successfully use the very next day if I needed to. Most classes at the business school focus on what to do once you have a management position but his classes gave me what I would need immediately to make myself actually valuable to potential employers. Not only was he highly knowledgeable of all the subject matter and obviously very skilled, he was an incredibly enjoyable and engaging person. I honestly cannot recommend him highly enough to anyone looking for a skilled teacher or marketer."

Jacob P. Goldsmith

Marketing and Political Science Major

"Casey Stanton has to be one of the most energetic, enthusiastic and knowledgeable professors that I have ever had. The way he leads his course is unbelievable (in a good way). The ability to learn about new marketing techniques through lecture and then to be able to practice these techniques, thus seeing them in action, gives students great confidence in their ability to apply these concepts in real life applications. Many classes require that the students go home, work and come back with a finished product. Casey has created a class without large amounts of take home work, but one that teaches more effectively than any other class I've every taken. No other professor manages to maintain the attention of students so consistently. Not only is Casey incredibly talented at what he does, but he has the innate ability to teach to students who may or may not be as knowledgeable as he is. There are many opportunities to lose the class, yet Professor Stanton never does."

Samantha Rosen

Student at Tulane University - A.B. Freeman School of Business

"Professor Stanton's class was hands-down one of the best classes I've taken in my four years at Tulane. He is so knowledgeable about everything from online marketing, to Internet trends, to business tips and insights. He is extremely personable, genuinely cares about his students, and wants the best for them. I always looked forward to going to his class - I can't recommend highly enough!"

Julia Schneider

Promotional Events Coordinator at Fest Cola

"Professor Stanton's Marketing course at Tulane is easily the most useful and informative course I have taken in my time here. He teaches material relevant to the real world and finds a way to make it fun and exciting. I have yet to see a class in the business school with so many engaged (and awake) students. I looked forward to attending this class every week because I knew I would leave smarter and more prepared than I was before. Because of Professor Stanton, I feel confident about going into my marketing endeavors after college, and I know what he taught us will always stick with me."

Bennett Wissak

Marketing Intern at Fast Company Group

"When I signed up for Professor Stanton's class, I was under the impression that the lab would be a supplement to the main course, Social & Online Marketing. The reality is that I have learned far more in this class, than I ever have in the primary course, or even in most marketing classes throughout my four years at Tulane. Professor Stanton's approach is one that comes from a place of understanding and common ground. Where most Professors act as if they went to college a hundred years ago, Professor Stanton seems to have a more accurate grasp of what college entails. He assigns no homework, and is very practical in his approach to the main class project. That project allows students to come up with a business plan for a product, design a website for that product, and then create real-world advertisements to drive traffic to those products. There are very few other classes where students can find such a high level of real-world application. Throughout this class, Casey does a great job of exploring and teaching the numerous social marketing tools at our disposal, and because he is a marketer in his day-job, you really get the sense that he knows what he's talking about. The class goes over everything from SEO to Google AdWords to the importance of the long-form email, and more. The insights I have gained from taking this class are immeasurable, and much of that is because of Professor Stanton's profound teaching abilities. I can't recommend him highly enough."

Diana Shi

Social Media and Marketing Strategy Intern at Invade NOLA

"As my social and online marketing professor, Casey Stanton was a great asset in developing my personal and professional knowledge in the use of marketing and online tools. Casey possesses a high level of expertise in his field of marketing, he is eager to provide all the resources he can to his students, and he is an approachable and engaging person who broadened by understanding of the power of marketing with technology. I will look to him in any of my future endeavors in forming a successful business."

Caroline O. Smith

Technical Recruiter at KellyMitchell Group, Inc

"Casey is a fantastic teacher. He keeps engagement high in the classroom and genuinely wants his students to grasp concepts and succeed professionally. He also makes himself available to students who need extra help with class projects or career advice. I really enjoyed his class!"

Samantha Rothery

Marketing Intern at FYC Apparel Group

"Professor Stanton is one of the best professors I’ve ever had. Not only is he creative, animated and engaging, but he is so knowledgeable and his passion for what he does makes me excited for class every week. I’ve gained relevant knowledge and skills in his class in social, online, and email marketing that I will actually be able to use and apply in the real world, unlike many other classes I’ve taken. He is so responsive and helpful and goes above and beyond for his students. He has met with me to give further guidance on assignments for class and helped me with interview preparation, linkedin strategies, and branding myself; simply because he truly wants his students to better themselves and succeed."