I’ve long been a fan of cryptocurrencies, starting with a paltry $275 investment through Mt. Gox. By way of some simple “buy low, sell high” trading, I’ve been able to 5x that investment and get my first real experience trading online. Simply said, it’s addicting and easy. In one foolish trade, I could lose everything, but since leaving Mt. Gox and transferring my coins over to BTC-e, I’ve been able to play the other markets a bit.

The history of Bitcoins is difficult to uncover. As the story goes, a guy names Satoshi Nakamoto created the currency by building the code from the ground up. Then, he vanished without a trace, leaving the code open for others to copy and create currencies of their own (and there have been many currencies created!). In a recently published whitepaper by Skye Grey, the identity of Satoshi may have been revealed.