I biked down to the French Quarter yesterday to take part in the fun and costumes of Mardi Gras. Biking down Canal Street, I had to cross the Zulu parade as it was making it’s penultimate turn up into the Treme. At 7am, I had driven with Adelaide and Pepper to the beginning of the parade, and 6 hours later, it was still in route! After sneaking across the parade line, I locked by bike up on St. Phillip and walked into the madness. There’s an Earth Cam view of Bourbon Street that I jumped into, getting my team to check out the feed. Then, I just walked around the French Quarter, checking out the costumes, drinking a few tall boys, and grabbing a burger on Conti.

The photos below were taken on the Riverwalk, and in the Quarter during Mardi Gras day.

20130212-MardiGras-NewOrleans-650-5 20130212-MardiGras-NewOrleans-650-6 20130212-MardiGras-NewOrleans-650-7 20130212-MardiGras-NewOrleans-650 20130212-MardiGras-NewOrleans-650-2 20130212-MardiGras-NewOrleans-650-3 20130212-MardiGras-NewOrleans-650-4 20130212-MardiGras-NewOrleans-650-8