Music Roundup from the Road

If you’ve been following me on Facebook, you know that I’ve been hungry for a change in pace & music. Driving is meditative. Meeting new faces has been a very rewarding experience, and it’s been to some new tunes. Read more »

Picture Updates from the Trip

From hanging with Uncle Fred, Lou and Matt in Cleveland, to a house party and tree climbing in Charleston, WV to Washington DC, to Raleigh, NC. A photo-journey of my travels. Read more »

Cleveland to Raleigh, a love story

On the road, and loving it. The VDub did great in DubV, rolling with the hills as I drove through West Virginia from Cleveland. Read more »

Ohio to West Virginia, Mountain Momma

What a blast. Yesterday, I woke up with my cold waning, and my Uncle ready to take me out to breakfast. We headed down to a small cafe in his town, just east of Cleveland. Nice, quiet place, looking to beat the recession. Great seeing successes like that. They even offered “Free ReOrders”, so you could get the 3-egg omelette, then ask for 2 more if you were still hungry. All for one price, $7.50. Read more »

Working on the Road: Cleveland

I arrived at my Uncle Fred’s place around 10:05pm, after seeing my friends Matt and Bethany in Sandusky, Ohio. Nice smooth drive. I didn’t want to waste the freshly hardboiled organic eggs in my fridge at home, so I brought them (and a sack full of pomegranates, bananas, dates, oranges and lemons) along with me. The eggs were an absolute mess to peel in the car, and I ate some shell. Yuck. Read more »