What a blast. Yesterday, I woke up with my cold waning, and my Uncle ready to take me out to breakfast. We headed down to a small cafe in his town, just east of Cleveland. Nice, quiet place, looking to beat the recession. Great seeing successes like that. They even offered “Free ReOrders”, so you could get the 3-egg omelette, then ask for 2 more if you were still hungry. All for one price, $7.50.

After I got back, I caught up on work and stayed busy on my machine for a few hours. Uncle Fred and I drove to his girlfriends to check out Lu’s place… great spot in a great location. Made me miss having woodland behind my house, like at my parents.

We went out to dinner and met up with my cousin, Matt. I hadn’t seen Matt since his brothers wedding 2 years before, and he’s changed a bit. Caught wind that beards were really cool, so he grew something grizzly. After dinner, Matt and I headed out to his hometown of Geneva to hang out with his sister and mom. I hadn’t seen his mom in years, and it was great to catch up. Marg, Matt’s sister, is crushing it in school. She’s got a great gig lined up at a hospital for an internship, then she’s out on her own in 10 weeks. Pretty excited for her!

This morning, I left at 8am and drive straight to Parkersburg, West Virginia. Once I got to town, I tooled around looking for a place to plug in and get some work done. Around 11am, I was in the line at the McDonald’s in town, sporting WiFi. Grabbed an OJ and the apple & walnut monstrosity, and grabbed a seat. I’ve been here for 3 hours, and am itching to call it a day…

Current plan: Go to the spring about 20 min east of me for some fresh water. Maybe take the bike for a ride in the park, nap in the hammock. I’ve been messaging people on CouchSurfing and other websites to see if there’s a place to sleep tonight in the next town, Charleston, WV. I may have a couch with a great dude if his plans keep him in town. Otherwise, I’ll just drop the tent in a park and watch the stars. It’s iffy about the bluegrass session tonight — it’s 2 hours away from this town. But, hell… what do I care? It puts me a bit far east, but I don’t have plans until Tuesday. I do need to be online Monday at 9am for a call.

Maybe I can convince some stranger to go climbing with me?

Music on my mind: Audiobook, “On the Road” by Jack Kerouac. Incredibly timely book. I can really see the romance in hitching around the country. Maybe that’s next? Maybe I hitch for a few days through Florida?

Anyways, if you want some sand from Florida, drop a comment below. I’ll even put it in your bedsheets for you!

Have a great Friday! See you under the stars…
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