Writing Words that Sell - Copywriting Lecture

Writing Words that Sell (Copywriting)—Week 4 // Marketing Trade School

Week 4: How to Write Words that Sell In this video, you’ll learn the secrets of the highest paid writers in the world. I don’t mean that facetiously… if you take what I teach you and practice, you too can join the ranks of the most skilled and highest paid writers. In this video you’ll Read More »

why you are more important than what you do

Why YOU are more important than what you DO

People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. — Simon Sinek This quote hit me today as I was watching this 5-year old TED talk. It’s not what we produce for people, it’s WHY we’re so hellbent on producing it in the first place… that’s what differentiates us from every other Read More »