Week 4: How to Write Words that Sell

In this video, you’ll learn the secrets of the highest paid writers in the world. I don’t mean that facetiously… if you take what I teach you and practice, you too can join the ranks of the most skilled and highest paid writers. In this video you’ll learn:

  • What a Copywriter is
  • What makes copy compelling… compelling enough to generate sales
  • The 9-step formula I use to write all my persuasive copy
  • Ageless examples of effective copy
  • How to reduce risk and increase conversion rates in a few simple steps
  • Effective online and offline copywriting techniques
  • … and much more. This is my most passionate video to date!


Here are a few of the pieces I made mention to in the video. Download these and add them to your digital swipe file!

Gary Bencivenga’s Fresh Pressed Olive Oil Club

Gary Bencivenga’s “Shoestring business” ad

Jitterbug Phone

David Ogilvy’s Rolls Royce ad

David Ogilvy’s Puerto Rico ad

Shaun T’s Focus T25 site

Shaun T’s INSANITY site

Fisher Investment’s 300×250 ads
Ad 1
Ad 2

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