When I purchased my Trek Pilot 1.2 back in 2007, I didn’t realize the “cost” of having a carbon fork. It’s light weight, attractive, and new-agey. It also won’t allow you to put a rack on it. The carbon is made for the exact pressures it’s built for – not for sideways tension and weight that the rack puts on it. I’ve seen people put hose clamps on their fork and rig up a rack, but I think it’s a terrible idea and if the fork breaks … it shatters.

When we picked up Kristen’s bike, we thought that we’d either be able to put everything in the rear panniers, or pick up a BOB Yak trailer.

After weighing out our options for gear and the large things we need to carry – Hubba Hubba tent, Lenovo T500 laptop — we decided on taking a trailer.

I researched the best trailers used, and many people liked taking the BOB Yak (BOB meaning Beast of Burden). Then, I happened on a thread on BikeForums.net that talked about the TW-Trailer. I looked into it at http://www.actionbent.com/twtrailer.html

Everything was perfect – foldable, easy to pack on the airplane, and inexpensive. We purchased one. Here’s a picture of “Aretha” with the trailer attached. I’m riding with the tent and an older sleeping bag in the back, plus my Switch 35 sleeping bag in the rack. I did it for weight and feel. (Note that the flag isn’t fully attached. It breaks apart in the middle for storage and I didn’t put the end on before my ride. I am looking to get a custom flag made for fun… we’re taking any suggestions!)

Aretha, loaded with the TW-Trailer

Aretha, loaded with the TW-Trailer

Review of the TW-Trailer from ActionBent:


Light weight

Easy to assemble

Waterproof bag comes with, and the entire trailer can be stored in it

Tracks well

Has a cute flag that comes with it (with the name of the trailer. UGLY but useful)


5/10 quality fender for back tire