An old friend from the Beer Meetings in Lansing called me yesterday when he was near Biloxi and asked what I was up to. Our adventures usually have a beginning and an ending, but the in-between is always blurry. Starting off with a few Dark and Stormy’s at my place, we grabbed two Silver Bullets and walked up to the trolley. She was running late, so we enjoyed both before hopping onto the crowded streetcar.

This morning, as we pieced together the debauchery from last night, we decided to hike some of the ethenol out of our bodies at the local Jean Lafitte Preserve. Below are a few pictures from the 4 mile hike, ending at the outlook which was more breathtaking than the photos suggest.

Jean Lafitte Preserve overlook Swamp overlook at Jean Lafitte Preserve Jean Lafitte Preserve seeds in bloom

Contrary to popular belief, small gators are ticklish and love being handled by small children.