The world of Internet Marketing is full of charlatans and snake oil salesmen. These people make a quick buck by pressuring a visitor into believing they are more authoritiative than they really are, and then baiting them with an “incredible offer.” These offers never turn out to be what they’ve been described as.

Back in 2012, I wrote a post about an affiliate marketer who tried to scam women through a clever Facebook campaign. I had seen the ad pop up on my mothers Facebook sidebar and decided to follow the rabbit hole. I was able to uncover a bit of the unscrupulous tactics and since it’s publication, over 25,000 visitors have seen the article. As luck would have it, it’s ranking well on Google and Bing for the products the scammer was selling.

Then, in early 2014, I was personally targeted on Facebook for an ad that was selling “muscle in a bottle.” Being a marketer myself, I decided to reverse-engineer what they were doing and wrote a follow-up blog post. This scammer used alluring “free trial offers” and back-ended them with extraordinarily high rebills, costing the “free trial user” over $150 if they didn’t cancel within 14 days.


Just a few weeks ago, a New Zealand reporter with the NZ Herald reached out to me to help him uncover a scam that was dirtying the name of a NZ sports icon. We spent two hours on Skype poking through the scammers site and were able to uncover a wide ring of scam pages. He has since written about these on a post at the NZ Herald.

Do you hate these scams? Have you seen any? Comment below!