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Kevin and I spent some time discussing this offer. Listen to our chat here..


Background: I am a marketing consultant and strategist who contracts with Tech Guys Who Get Marketing as the Chief Marketing Officer. We’re a Exponential Organization, meaning we are a team of contractors that work together on projects, keeping us all in our unique abilities. We have great project managers, programmers, direct response designers, ad guys, and strategists. Over the past 7 years, I’ve held the reigns of copywriter and I need to pass that baton to someone on my team.


Rate: $30-40/hour


Tech Guys is just one of the companies I contract for, although they take up a lot of my time. My business, Aspen Ventures, is looking for a contract copywriter to provide semi-regular work in a multitude of disciplines.

Tech Guys is the team behind 7-figure launches, rebuilding infrastructure of 7-9 figure companies, helping savvy startups grow effectively, and more.

The work is on-demand, meaning the work is a bit sporadic. I’ve not sold copywriting work recently since I’ve been overloaded with other tasks in the business. It’s obvious to me now that I need a copywriter to support me and the clients. If we find a good working groove, I’d be confident to sell more copywriting, leaving you to only write and not to sell, invoice the client, run project management, squeeze the clients for specific assets, etc.

I’m super relaxed, pay on-time (every 2 weeks), and fun. I live on the road full-time and totally get wanting a flexible lifestyle. I’ll provide clear requests, we’ll talk about anticipated time (hours/days) needed, and agree to a task. All I care is that you deliver on-time.

Here’s a short-list of outstanding tasks needed support on ASAP:

  • Write a 7-email sequence to get non-buyers who opted in for an incentive (TBD) to purchase. Product is beauty cream.
  • Write 10-email sequence to get prospects interested in working with Tech Guys to book a call to talk about their technology problems. Specifically Infusionsoft/Salesforce.com
  • Write undetermined amount of copy (sales page, emails, ad copy, etc) for a chiropractic product, targeted to doctors. (to be defined next week)

These are the current tasks that are funded and waiting for either myself to complete, or a copywriter I bring in.

Past and current clients at Tech Guys and Aspen Ventures include Bo Eason, Pam Hendrickson, Mike Koenigs, Joe Polish, Peter Diamandis, LifeAID Beverage Company, JJ Virgin, Andrew Mellon, Tony Robbins, Charles Poliquin, Yanik Silver, Russell Brunson, and many more.

To be considered, please provide:

  • A sample of your work (sales letters, emails, FB ads)
  • Your Kolbe (kolbe.com; A-Assessment. I just need your 4 numbers)
  • A bit about who you are and what you do outside of copywriting
  • A clear picture of where you see yourself in 2 years (personally and professionally)

My aim is to hire someone that I can work with for years to come. I’ll handle the sales. My team will handle the technology, the implementation, the finance, marketing, etc. We just need a copywriter who is eager to grow and see their work tested and then improve with real data.

If you want a character recommendation, ask Abbey Woodcock in the group, or Kevin. All three of us are in Brian Kurtz’ Titans Masterclass as faculty. Or check [URL]https://caseystanton.com/praise[/URL]

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