On Thursday, January 31, 2013, I am slated to lecture at Tulane University in New Orleans on direct response marketing and measuring sales processes. Degan on my team at Tech Guys, who is a professor, told me that universities don’t teach students “how to make money”. I think that’s an important insight, and I recorded this 37-minute video to try to shed some light on how a student can use LinkedIn to increase their changes of getting hired for a job. Since LinkedIn is a totally different social network than Facebook or Twitter, it has its own system to rank profiles. Optimizing a specific LinkedIn profile for a specific keyword will allow that profile to rank higher in the global index. As of today, I am ranking #4 across the world for the keyword “Account Executive”, even though there are many with more experience than I have. My intention in recording this how-to video is to give students (and professionals) a better understanding of how LinkedIn ranks the millions of users for different search terms, and what you can do to get your profile to show for a specific keyword. This optimization should lead to more listings in the search results, and the higher the profile resolves, the higher the click-through rate should be.

After headhunter eyes are on a profile, it becomes the profile owners job to figure out how to engage them and “sell” themselves for the position.

Video coming soon. Whoops!

Big props go to Nathan Kievman and his Linked Strategies team for giving me the insight on how to tweak my profile. I hope this video helps students as much as his videos helped me as a professional.