Back in 2010, I listened to Richard Dawkins’ new book (at the time) “The Greatest Show on Earth” for evidence of evolution. One of my favorite proofs he provided was about the laryngeal nerve in all animals, from fish to a giraffe. He talked about how in a fish, the nerve starts in the back of the brain, then loops down the side to the gills. As evolution progressed, that nerve got “caught up” and was longer than it needed to be. If Intelligent Design was used with lifeforms, the distance from the brain to the modern larynx in humans, cats and giraffes would take the shortest, most efficient path possible. This is not the case. Watch this really fascinating video to see a giraffe’s neck get dissected, tracking the nerve all the way down it’s long neck, around it’s heart, and back up, terminating about 4 inches from where it started.