Today was the Krewe of Barkus in the French Quarter. I walked in from Armstrong Park and got a great spot on Dumaine at Dauphine. The dogs were parading by and here are some of my favorites. When the dogs in the final picture came by, they had a US Marines emblem on their air boat, and everyone applauded. So much fun, and so many cute dogs!

2013-01-27-Barkus-PP-650-1 2013-01-27-Barkus-PP-650-2 2013-01-27-Barkus-PP-650-3 2013-01-27-Barkus-PP-650-4 2013-01-27-Barkus-PP-650-5 2013-01-27-Barkus-PP-650-6 2013-01-27-Barkus-PP-650-7 2013-01-27-Barkus-PP-650-8 2013-01-27-Barkus-PP-650-9