2 days ago, Kristen and I sent out about 15 requests on HelpX.net We are officially 1 month from our departure date and we don’t know where we are going to say… 🙂 It’s pretty exciting to have such a huge possibility in front of us, and having the total ability to do whatever we want.

This morning, I woke up and checked my email to see if we had any hosts reply. We did!

Kristen and I both found this guys page on HelpX and it seems so beautiful. You can read about him at http://www.lovefishcafe.com and see pictures of his place.

Our current route is Madrid to Huercal Overa to see a host (Sandy) and stay, then bike up to Tarbena, Spain. It’s only about 170 miles, so we could do it in 4 days … if the mountains are gentle.

Here’s one way we could go, via Google Maps.

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I changed the setting to calculate for walking, but we will be busing from Madrid to our first host.

I made a clerical error 2 weeks ago, and just caught it. I intended to email Sandy to ask her to figure out which method of transportation would take our bikes (our Spanish isn’t that great…) but sent it to Kristen instead. Whoops. Email was just re-sent, so we should hear back in the next 2 weeks… the sooner the better.