I’m moving to Sebastian, FL after a few trips with Mike Cline and Tech Guys (the company I work for). Mike and I are hanging out on a cruise, and then in Kansas City to meet some perspective clients. I’m super pumped to head to both locations – both for the fun, and for the good that the company will bring them.

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Post-Kansas, I plan to move in with Mike and his awesome girlfriend Marie. They live in a small town on Space Coast, in Florida, only about 20 miles north of my cousin and his wife (plus a baby!).

Just etching out the details, here’s what I’m thinking. I’ve always wanted to check out Lexington, KY — That’s where Makers Mark Distillery is! Also, Dayton, OH is a stop in Ohio I’ve never been. I hope to make a trip to Columbus to see an awesome girl that I know, but time will tell if that trip happens. Before Lexington, KY, I might take a trip to Woodford County, KY; I’ve got a good friend from my time in a Co-Op at MSU that grew up there. He brought me Woodford Reserve and Ale 8 one spring, and I fell in love. Barring it’s a dry county, I might just have to visit!

After Knoxville, I’d like to meet a client I’ve been working with for the past few months and have never met face-to-face. He lives near Atlanta, and we’ve chatted about going hunting together. More details if that comes to surface.

Post-Atlanta, a short drive through the billboard-rich GA to Gainesville, FL to hang with my best friend as he works his last few weeks in central Florida. Last time I was at his place, we canoed with gators, drank a few beers, and enjoyed the southern land-locked life together.

The plan is to move to Sebastian, Florida for a few months after a night or 5 in Gainesville. I’ve left a bit of gear in FL, including a MSR Hubba Hubba tent, my 2 person hammock (with some great memories on Lake Huron), climbing gear, and an unfinished longboard James and I are making. The plan is to take side-trips to New Orleans over the course of 2-3 months, checking out Uptown and other areas of interest.

I’ve already been in contact with Big Brothers, Big Sisters in NOLA (New Orleans, LA), as well as the Holy Cross Neighborhood. My intention is to volunteer 20 weekends this summer with both BBBS and HCN, while hosting as many amazing Surfers on CouchSurfing as possible. I feel like it’s my turn to contribute to CouchSurfing as a HOST, not as just a SURFER. By the way, I’ve done my CSS/HTML best to get my profile sexy and chic (check it out here).

Don’t take this as some lame New Years Resolution, as I won’t be starting until late January — but I have incredible plans for 2011 as being the BEST year of my life. Is it serendipitous that my birthday falls on Mardi Gras – a party that is usually in February, not mid-March? No… it’s a sign that I need to take my entire life and KICK IT UP A NOTCH. I need to live a year of GLORY, a year that I will remember forever. My brother pushed me to look into the grants that are being given to NOLA, for rebuilding. I really feel that it’s my charge to go to NOLA, to have an incredible time — but to also make a H-U-G-E difference. I first got the motivation from my brother – a guy who has a huge heart. Then, an email came from Burning Man, in the “Burners Without Borders” section from an incredible woman named Summer Burkes. Her blog is all about what’s happened first-hand to her home in the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans. You can — AND SHOULD read about it here. Her blog, entitled “The Ladies’ Guide to the Apocalypse” is full of relevant information regarding the chemicals used in her home district, what’s currently being used to stop the oil problem (but leading to a much worse problem), and more. She’s candid, real and funny. I can empathize with her and her demolished home (as much as a Michigander can). Summer has been hooking me up with volunteer organizations in NOLA, and I plan to really dive in and make some change.

2011 is more than just a new year to me — it’s completely the best year of my life. I’m striving hard to make this a tipping point for myself, making sure all that I’ve learned, all that I’ve tried to do – will come to life this year. NOLA has a Vipassana group, a strong BBBS team, incredible volunteers, welcoming people (just follow the NOLA CS crew), and much more. Moving to New Orleans has been a long time coming, but I’m looking forward to every minute of it. Here’s to 12+ months in New Orleans, working 20+ weekends doing hands-on rebuilding, volunteering with youth that need help, and having the time of my life.

I’ll get a 2-bedroom apartment, hoping that YOU will come visit me. Please leave a comment, or send me an email and let me know when you’re around. I promise that I’ll put you to work, and show you the time of your life. It seems like the only thing to do in NOLA!

Here’s to a prosperous and giving 2011. Happy Nude New Year!