Jackets for Rain.

Jackets for Rain.

Brand new rain coats! Kristen and I went a little nuts when we took a drive to REI in Ann Arbor this past weekend. It was an awesome store with a huge line of bicycles in front, then sleeping bags, kayaks and rock climbing gear. We looked around for a bit, then started to look for rain coats. That was my entire reason for going there — rain coats. I had been looking for a solid coat to take with us up here in Traverse City, but didn’t buy one because I didn’t know Kristen’s size.

If you were interested, it was our 1-year anniversary of dating, and instead of buying silly gifts for each other, we went with the practical. We finally decided on the two jackets to the left, both GoreTex PacLite shells. They fit great, have amazing taped seams, and look hot. 🙂

The MSRP was $250, but we found them on sale for $174.50 each, which was a pretty big price. I know we don’t NEED them, but there isn’t much I dislike more than riding my bike in the rain and getting all hot and humid inside my jacket. This baby will breathe and be a treat when we’re crossing mountains and into valleys where the humidity can change dramatically in minutes.

Our next step in our gear is a handlebar bag. Wayne at TheTouringStore.com sells exactly what we need – the Lone Peak 20H-Bar Packs http://thetouringstore.com/LONE%20PEAK/LP%20H-bar%20Packs/H100%20H-BAR%20PACK%20PAGE.htm

The price is $74, free S&H, plus $12 for a rain cover (which we WILL be getting).

Wayne is out on vacation until July 12, so I won’t hear back on the order from him until then. I’m pretty sure we’ll get a red one and a blue one…

AND I’m just about to finish Tim Ferriss’ “The Four Hour Work Week”. Talk about the right book! Talking about outsourcing and limiting time online. I have 2 mins before my internet usage for the morning is up…

Writing this from Oryana Food Co-Op in TC. Riding the bike around with the new shorts Kristen got me this past weekend. More on those to come!!