With my work at Tech Guys, I was told that using the Facebook Comment engine gets, on average, more responses from blog viewers than does any of the fancy commenting engines available (DISQUS, OpenID, etc.). Now, our tech team only installs the Facebook Comment engine on our clients site that want their viewers to comment.

Not being nearly as talented as the techs I work with, it took me quite awhile to figure the whole monster out. It was difficult with an older theme I was using and made it nearly impossible to have everything work correctly. Then, I saw that Frank Kern was using Facebook Comments on his WordPress site. The way he had it setup looked really professional, and worthy of digging in deeper.

I found that he was using a plugin from Graham Swan, and that the installation was relatively simple. Since I’m using Thesis 1.8 with OpenHooks, I thought I’d have some coding issues getting everything to work correctly. But after installing the plugin, I was shocked at its simplicity. All I had to do was get my Application ID from the Facebook Developer’s site, plug it in, save my changes and then disable the form inside the Thesis Design menu.

Now, I have flashy Facebook comments on my Thesis 1.8 WordPress installation. I’m considering removing the “Like” button from the bottom and floating it near the top of each post next to a Twitter button. I’ll run some tests as traffic increases and report back on what makes for better results.

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