One of our clients had a killer Black Friday campaign that finished yesterday. Here’s the simple funnel we setup:

  1. Choose a product that has high value
  2. Discount it lower than ever before & added a free trial to continuity plan
  3. Create a new landing page to showcase the product. Added a headline about the product, fascinations, testimonials, etc. Only about 2.5 pages of copy in Google Docs when I wrote it.
  4. Added video client recorded on REASONS WHY the product was important
  5. Drove previous buyers to the page with language in the emails saying why they needed to check it out. Drove non-buyers to it as well with more general language.
  6. Drove cold leads from Facebook.

As usual launches tend to be, it was a reverse bell-curve for sales. Big sales on the first and last emails, with long periods of no sales in between.

Take ways:

  1. Having a hard start/stop time was a big win (for both clients)
  2. Emails, in order of revenue from each, for previous buyers: 1, 4, 3, 5, 2. The first email we sent had the highest EPC/sales. Email 4 followed.
  3. 40% of Black Friday buyers had never purchased previously. 60% were return buyers.
  4. Facebook cold leads had a 0.55% conversion rate to sale and a $2.42 per visit value. Pretty much a wash. Consider this a win, since these are now customers we can sell AGAIN and profit from.
  5. We rolled in a few dozen into the continuity plan, which means they will rebill monthly. Very curious to see if they’ll stick around or if they’ll cancel.

Next time:

  1. Direct mail (offline) for top 10-25% of previous buyers to give them a special coupon. Get them to buy and buy some more.
  2. Get a more clear product ascension in place, so people can see where they are in their education, and what they need to buy to get to the next level.
  3. Video testimonials. Need to get them, so we can use them in video ads (retargeting specifically)