Tools to break through the 7-Figure Ceiling in your Health & Wellness Business

Don’t let the hurdles of marketing cause you to fall short of your growth potential. Using the tools below, you can get clarity on your marketing strategy, get alignment with your team and super-charge your sales process so that you transform more lives with your products and services.

How to Deploy Functional Marketing®

Functional Marketing® is a proprietary 3-phase process that Casey has developed, which will help you grow your business using the most effective lever points. While engaging potential and existing client’s should be your goal, it is important to leverage any assets that you currently have. These assets may be promotional materials, team members’ skills and available time, as well as purchased lists and customer data. Through the Functional Marketing® process, Casey will dive into your organization to uncover these assets and build a plan that is tailored to your company and built for extracting the most value from your existing assets. During the Historian Phase, we uncover these current assets, which are potentially valuable to your business’s growth, and we index them. Then, in the Artist Phase, we get creative and identify new campaigns and practices your team can employ for maximum outcome. Finally, in the Data Scientist Phase, we get very clear on numbers and statistical significance.

Functional Marketing®: Systems Map

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Functional Marketing® Systems Map

The Systems Map component of Functional Marketing® is the nuclear football for your organization. It is an over-sized, printed, professionally designed map of your online business logic. All of your entry points are mapped out, along with baseline conversion rates. A marketing calendar is added to the document and it becomes a living, breathing representation of your marketing. The result of having a Functional Marketing® Systems Map is finally having the confidence in what you’re doing online. If you’ve gotten lost in your own planning or have required a single person to know all of the things that are happening online, you need this plotter-printed custom map hung proudly in your CMO’s office. This deliverable requires a minimum of 30 days of discussion and discovery to identify all entry points, measure all conversion rates and provide a document of Next Steps for Actionable Growth.

The Functional Marketing® Systems Map starts at $7,999 plus expenses. Contact Casey to find out his availability and the time-frame for the production of your custom Functional Marketing® Systems Map:

Bobbi DePorter

President of the Quantum Learning Network

“In 2017, we hired Casey to conduct a thorough analysis of our SuperCamp website and marketing efforts. We were very satisfied with their final deliverable, which included a comprehensive Functional Marketing® Systems Map for our lead capture and nurturing. His recommendations have been extremely valuable in terms of improving our marketing ROI and onboarding our newly hired Director of Marketing. In addition, he was very professional to deal with and equally thorough in his communication, including providing clear call agendas and follow-up notes for all meetings.”