Kristen and I decided to postpone our purchasing of our tickets 1 day, so that we can talk it over in person. Today is Friday, July 3 and I won’t see her until the 5th, early in the morning. After work, I’ll be making the 200 mile drive from Traverse City to Lansing to celebrate her room mates 21st birthday.

When we’re together, we’ll head over to REI in Ann Arbor and check out the camping gear we’ll need. This will quite possibly be the most expensive weekend we’ve ever spent together!

Work at the bar has been strong, making yesterday the busiest day of the year. I got in at 4pm and was sprinting behind the bar, making cocktails and pouring beer until 11pm. Although I couldn’t even break to go to the bathroom, I was able to snack on some orange slices, drink a hemp protein shake, and enjoy a fresh-pressed lemon+lime+water in glass.

Tonight is the Polka Festival in Cedar, Michigan. It’s a small town outside of Traverse City and it’s a total riot. Lots of loud polka and bratwerst. I’ll enjoy some fresh fruit while I’m there, and dancing with just about every member of my family. In light of the dancing and the last 2 days of HIIT, I just did a 2 mile walk with my dog to get him exercise and to move my body around. I like to switch it up when we walk… jog backwards, forwards, wide steps. I like to keep it fresh, just for fun. I’m sure it helps with my muscle development at some level, but it’s also just fun. The dog gets confused and he runs alot more because of it.

Honestly, I’ll miss my parents, sister and dog a TON when I’m gone on this trip. Jake, my yellow lab (8 yrs old) has been my best friend since I moved home from college. He’s always around and we get along great.

But… Tickets on Monday. BAMN.