POST UPDATE: Megabus won’t take bicycles in boxes or out.

I was chatting with my sister after she got home from work and we got to talking about the bike trip. She is having a big family party at her place in Ann Arbor on September 12 for the big football game. It’s going to be a blast and Kristen & I are both going to be there.

Actually, we are both leaving from Ann Arbor to Chicago where Kristen can see her family before we take off.

One big logistic question is … how do we get to Chicago?

My friend Max said he’d drive us, but that’s a bit unreasonable for a guy to drive from Traverse City to Ann Arbor to Chicago and back. Plus, he’d have to borrow my dad’s car.

My sister Emily mentioned Megabus. We checked it out. Megabus has 2 seats from Ann Arbor to Chicago for ONLY $28 TOTAL. It’s crazy cheap.

$14 to go to Chicago? What would it cost me in gas??

Super cheap. Super awesome.

Gotta make some phone calls before we purchase them, but it looks good.

**Gear Update**
I talked to Wayne at TheTouringStore today about handlebar bags. I purchased 2 Lone Peak handlebar bags, plus a TW-Trailer for the tour. More on those, and new fancy bells for the bikes once we get them…

Oh… and did a hard workout today. Supersets of pushups/squats, pullups/lunges, burpees/plank (3 sets of each). Tomorrow, I’ll get in some HIIT and on Wednesday I’ll get some mileage in.