Week 5: Scientific Method in Marketing

“All marketing starts as an art, and refines itself into a science.” That’s what my friend and talented marketer Richard Rossi told me on a phone call a few months ago. I think that is so eloquently put, that you and I are both artists, and that we’re creating something that can be refined through science. In this video, we talk all about marketing testing. You’ll learn:

  • Marketing testing and tracking that’s happening right now, under your nose, that you may not have seen before
  • See inside a live example of an optin split-test
  • Learn the high level skills needed to create a marketing test
  • A marketers secret to finding more dates on OKCupid or Match.com
  • How Gizmodo is tracking its offers, down to the call-to-action placement
  • … and much more.


Here are a few of the pieces I made mention to in the video.

Which Test Won

Ogilvy on Advertising


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