Heart-centered Men and Women wanted for candid friendship. Entrepreneurial, open-dialog, passionate. There are few of us. Impact and personal growth in event of qualification.

Dear reader,

As founder of the Consortium of Good People, it is my privilege to invite you to become a member of a group of people whom are destined to make both news and history.

It will cost you emotional energy and hours of your time. Frankly, you will endure some discomfort, and my even face some personal setback.

On the other hand, you will have the rare privilege of being an integral member of an intentional community that will directly change the entire world. A mission, incidentally, which has never before been attempted by man.

You will personally harp the chance to help enrich our members lives, both personally and professionally.

I am inviting you to join a distinguished group of 50 people who will help each other, by their own free will, continue to grow into helpful, successful and loving citizens.

The Consortium of Good People is dedicated to providing helpful, honest friendships and community to those who share the premise that life is better lived through shared experience and like-minded association.

The Consortium members will meet in a private Google Hangout on the evening of Tuesday, July 19, 2016 at 9:00pm Eastern (6pm Pacific). All members will be provided with champagne or tea, as well as conversation starter cards.

If you would like to join the Consortium of Good People, the first small-scale location-independent intentional community for heart-centered entrepreneurs, fill out this Google Form. Your application will be reviewed and you will hear back from us within the next few days.

I hope we may hear from you soon – and that we will welcome you to the Consortium.

Sincerely yours,

Casey S. Stanton

P.S We have just made arrangements for a welcome package for 50 members. Once we reach this number, we will close the doors on the Consortium for an undeclared amount of time.