Welcome to the 10-Week Direct Response Marketing Course!

While teaching at Tulane University’s AB Freeman School of Business, I distilled my experience marketing online into a dozen hour-long lectures for my students. I found that some students would miss lectures due to holidays, job interviews and the like, so I decided to record the lectures in front of my computer for posterity.

This is the content of the 10-week class I teach, available to you without fee. I have charged over $250 for access to these videos, but I decided to release these for free in order to help those without traditional access to higher level education.

This course was created in a specific order; first the foundation, then the scaffolding, and finally the results. I believe it to be imperative that you understand compassionately communicating with your ideal customer avatar and building a sales funnel that is effortless for them. Start with those two videos, then move on from there.

Here’s a direct list to each video: