First published on: May 1, 2011 on another blog of mine.

Last night, I attended an event that I found on Meetup. Local photographers get together to shoot interesting events, movement and help each other get better. I arrived at 8pm, just as the event was about to start. As I unloaded my car, two men in their 60’s were across the street, asking me what I was up to. The conversation lead into talks about Katrina, fish-eye photography, and ultimately my new friends poured me a Screwdriver. Our conversation was short, but it was a typical scene in New Orleans – People ask questions and wait for the answer. I have yet to hear the soulless exchange as below:

Guy 1: Hey, how are you?

Guy 2: Good, you?

Guy 1: Good! Thanks.


Nobody is ‘good’ here. Everyone has a unique story, a reason they’re in the city. Maybe they were born on the North Shore, and live in the ‘burbs now, or they are mixing drinks down on Bourbon and living in the Lower 9th after moving from the Mid West. I’ve found more connections in this city than I have in any other city. I feel like this is the first time I’ve been home since I left Suttons Bay.

The evening started off with three artists spinning fire. After each performer wowed the photographers, we moved inside the shed to watch a two artists from the area draw on two women’s bodies with blacklight paint. Below are a few stills from the evening.

Thanks to Rebecca at the New Orleans Photography Experience Meetup, Cat and the other beautiful model, and all of the photographers who made the event all the more fun.