I help Successful Entrepreneurs 10x their Business through Functional Marketing™ and by building Functional Teams™


Hi, I’m Casey Stanton and since 2008, I’ve been helping risk-taking entrepreneurs grow their health and fitness businesses by maximizing their assets, utilizing the right technology and rallying their teams on a central mission. I believe that serving others in health and fitness does more than just make a business money, it transforms the world.

I’m on a mission to transform the health of 1,000,000,000 people by amplifying the message of great companies and getting their customers to have the level of transformation they desire.

My strengths are in:

  • Functional Marketing™—This is the kind of marketing that is accountable to the P&L. For every dollar spent, I ask “What was the return?” Through tracking of each ad variation, I work with companies to find what marketing is working for them and what isn’t. Through a process called the EARR Loop™, I then come up with new tactic-agnostic campaigns to drive success in the business. I won’t pigeonhole you into a single tactic or platform, but instead look holistically at what makes the most sense for the business.
  • Functional Teams™— By identifying the uniqueness in individuals, their conative modalities (natural behavior), affective motivation and availability, I become a bridge of clarity between entrepreneurs and their teams. This means I don’t just give ideas, I pull together teams that get work done.

As a former Professor of Marketing at Tulane University’s AB Freeman School of Business, I know the difference between academic marketing and boots on the ground marketing. There are plenty of theories in academia that don’t stand a chance in the real world. If you have well educated academic marketers on your team, they may be limited by the academic paradigm. When I step into businesses with academic marketers, I’m able to challenge their assumptions through split tests, winning them over to the new paradigm of responsiveness, efficacy and real business growth.

In an effort to provide as much impact in a business, I must limit myself to only three consulting clients at any given time. All consulting agreements run for a minimum of 90 days, with the typical agreement being 6 months in length. Typically after the initial 90-day agreement completes, the arrangement turns into a month-by-month consulting agreement where both parties are given the ability to cancel with a 14-day written notice. This allows you to decrease your risk and allows me the freedom to work with entrepreneurs and their teams who are committed to doing work and getting results.

To apply for a strategy session, please fill out the form below and my assistant Megan will circle back with you. She will arrange a time for us to meet in the coming few weeks, to see if I’m able to help.

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