How Aggressive Should My Marketing Be?

I’m often asked by entrepreneurs, or challenged by clients, to answer “how aggressive should my marketing be?” I find this to be an interesting question, and one that has just one simple answer. If you’re an entrepreneur who sells a product or service, you may have started your business due to a pain in your life. Read More »


After you launch, turn from Marketer to Salesman

Last Thursday, a friend of mine (we’ll call him Ben) launched his online course. He had spent many long days (and sleepless nights) pulling together this course and he was very excited. After a dozen hours of research, he chose his membership platform. Then, he reached out to a few designers to have them reproduce Read More »

Is a commoditization trap to blame?

Do These 3 Things to Break Out of the Commodity Trap

Look at all you’ve accomplished… you’re an expert. You’ve been in your trade for years, maybe even decades. You’ve slogged through certifications, board meetings, happy and unhappy clients. You’ve innovated in your niche, creating new ways to deliver value to your customers. Maybe you’re even an active member in the Chamber of Commerce or the Read More »


Marketing 201 for Shopify: Using Google Analytics, eCommerce tracking and retargeting

About a week ago, I had lunch with a few friends and one asked me how he could be a better marketer with his Shopify site. He runs his business strictly on Shopify and has employees running ads and social media accounts, all with the desire to sell more — but is he? Are sales Read More »


How to Market a Product – Interview by Pam Hendrickson

I’ve known Pam Hendrickson since 2011 and she is, without question, the greatest product developer alive. She has an uncanny ability to work with experts whom have years of experience and extract the biggest lessons they’ve learned. Then, she helps them massage those lessons and tips into products that can then be sold digitally. Pam Read More »