Lessons on Minimum Viable Products, Facebook and Google AdWords ads

My third semester at Tulane University has come to an end and there were more successes this semester than the previous two combined. I owe that to my efficiency teaching the subjects and pushing the students to take action faster, knowing how long it can take for ad approvals. I thought it would be helpful to share the results of the class’s group projects not just for your sake, dear reader, but also for mine, so I can have a recap I can reference for next semester. Read more »

Black Friday Marketing Plan, Successes & Failures

One of our clients had a killer Black Friday campaign that finished yesterday. Here’s the simple funnel we setup:

  1. Choose a product that has high value
  2. Discount it lower than ever before & added a free trial to continuity plan
  3. Create a new landing page to showcase the product. Added a headline about the product, fascinations, testimonials, etc. Only about 2.5 pages of copy in Google Docs when I wrote it.
  4. Added video client recorded on REASONS WHY the product was important
  5. Read more »

How to Find a Mentor

If you’re new to the workforce, recently graduating from college, you might be looking for a mentor to help guide you through the uncharted sea, to help you find success early in your voyage. If you’re starting a new business, having a mentor to be a sounding board for your ideas, and to advise you on when you should zig or zag can mean the difference of learning the easy way, through advice and the successes and failures of others, versus the hard way, learning through loss.

When I got started in the digital marketing world, I realized quickly that one of the best ways I could shortcut my way to success would be to find a mentor and use their experience as my starting point. By making my first relationship with a mentor, my success skyrocketed 3-5 years ahead of schedule, since he had gone through a number of problems in his business and could advise me on how to keep my business strong. Read more »

How to get a Professional Headshot for Free

how to get a free professional headshot

Everyone needs to have a few really great (and current!) photos of their mug to use on LinkedIn and on other digital profiles. Here in New Orleans, there are plenty of Meetups where I’m interacting with people who could become my customer some day, and I want to have an accurate picture of myself. If you have an outdated photo of yourself on your LinkedIn profile or worse, a photo of you and friends where you’re cropped out, you’re losing trust. If I was hiring you, I wouldn’t want to see you on the beach, with a red Solo cup in your hand, or in your bathing suit. I’d want to see you cleaned up, dressed well, looking confident. If I can’t meet you face-to-face but I want to hire you, I need to feel like I can trust you. Read more »

5 Ways to Differentiate Your Traffic

how to differentiate your web traffic

In business, one is the loneliest number. One client makes you susceptible to risk; one employee means your business can screech to a halt due to illness, internet blackout or family emergency. One traffic source? You could lose it overnight… any many have.

When I started in the digital marketing world, I worked for a friend out of the Detroit area. Read more »