Marketing 201 for Shopify: Using Google Analytics, eCommerce tracking and retargeting

About a week ago, I had lunch with a few friends and one asked me how he could be a better marketer with his Shopify site. He runs his business strictly on Shopify and has employees running ads and social media accounts, all with the desire to sell more — but is he? Are sales being made from his marketing efforts? And if so, which traffic sources are the breadwinners and which are the duds?

I put together this guide for him to take to his team. Read more »

How to Market a Product – Interview by Pam Hendrickson


I’ve known Pam Hendrickson since 2011 and she is, without question, the greatest product developer alive. She has an uncanny ability to work with experts whom have years of experience and extract the biggest lessons they’ve learned. Then, she helps them massage those lessons and tips into products that can then be sold digitally. Pam has been doing this for decades and has produced products for Tony Robbins, Jordan “The Wolf of Wall Street” Belfort, and many more leaders. As a content architect, Pam is my favorite resource for learning about how to take something in my head and create a product from it. Her MML product is hands-down the best “how to make and market a product” program in the industry.

Pam and her business partner Mike Koenigs launched “Make Market Launch IT Academy” a month ago, and with it, they included and interview with me. In the 25-minute interview, Read more »

The Best Career Assessment Test to answer “What should I do for a living?”

What should I do for a living?

As a professor, with students on the cusp of graduation, I often hear the same question…

“What should I do for a living? What’s the right job for me?”

It haunted me for years, having neither the tools, nor the time, to help each student individually answer this daunting question. Usually, I’d choose from the students I thought would actually use my advice, then invite them out for coffee. We’d talk for an hour, sometimes two, and I’d ask them what they were passionate about. Since the class I taught was on digital marketing, I made an assumption they liked the material. Read more »

Marketing Audit: 2016 Presidential Candidates

The political season has just sprung. Over the weekend, Hillary (finally) announced that she’s running. Ted Cruz has raised his hand, as have dozens of others.

This early in the race, it’s important to grow a support base. To identify where a candidate can secure votes from, and then “feed” that support base over the next 19 months to Tuesday, November 8, 2016 is a primary objective that any success-seeking candidate must follow.

Let’s break down the most simplistic strategy by which a candidate can grab the relevant information from a website visitor, so that they can follow-up with them in the future. First, we must ask: Read more »

Men’s Health & Life Scam (Optimal Stack & MassPM)

The world of Internet Marketing is full of charlatans and snake oil salesmen. These people make a quick buck by pressuring a visitor into believing they are more authoritiative than they really are, and then baiting them with an “incredible offer.” These offers never turn out to be what they’ve been described as. Read more »