Dad, Local Computer Guru

The man, the legend. Dad.

Panoramic Shot of Alligator Hill Trail in Glen Arbor

This past Saturday, I took Adelaide and my two cousins Diane and Terry out to Alligator Hill Trail just west of Glen Arbor. We entered the trailhead off of Forest Haven Road and kept left, giving us a nice hike to the lookout. Then, with time getting short before my sister’s wedding, we headed back down. A mix between a temporary memory lapse and poor trail markings (and not having a map on me), I lead the crew west for an extra 2.5 miles on a loop we didn’t need. We finally made it back to the car, and I drove 213 miles/hour to get back to the cottage so we could all change. Good news is, Adelaide and I got to the ceremony 8 minutes before it started. /phew

Schooling dehumanizes

Schooling teaches us to dehumanize human beings by thinking of what they are rather than what they need.

— Marshall Rosenberg

Sunset, Stars and the Milky Way near Glen Arbor, MI

Jess and I met at my favorite beach in the world, a small beach just off Thorson Road east of Glen Arbor, Michigan. I used to perform magic at a restaurant nearby, and discovered the beach one night driving home. Since then, it’s been my favorite place to catch a sunset, watching the disc set between the peninsula to the left, and South Manitou Island to the right. We stuck around and the beach empty, except the two of us, and Pepper, exploring in the water.

It’s a new moon tonight and the sky was clear, so it was a perfect time to go out and gaze. After about an hour of hanging out on the beach, the Milky Way appeared overhead.

Birmingham, Alabama — it’s sooo cuuute

I took this picture from the balcony at The Club in Birmingham, overlooking the city. A little Photoshop quick-masking gave me the teeny tiny feel of faux-tilt shift.